Southwood Estates

Custom Built Homes
Built just for you...the way you want it!

Imagine a perfect kitchen, a bedroom that's just the right size
or a family room where you can actually entertain.

Why settle for a house that does not satisfy your needs?
Having a custom home built to your specifications is not out of your reach.
Before you settle for a resale home and all its potential problems that can end up costing a lot more money than you thought, talk to us first!

At HUNT HOMES, we'll help you every step of the way.
From the initial consultation to see whether your budget can handle a new home, to explaining all that's involved in new home construction. From start to finish, Steve Hunt and his team will personally help you through the entire project. All the planning is done directly with Steve and he is always there to answer questions throughout the home construction process and as many of our clients know, Steve Hunt and his team are also there after you've moved in.

A HUNT HOME is built to last! Many of the features are those you can't see from the outside. Like state-of-the-art engineered floor systems which limit movement, provides long-term strength and a silent floor. Our Delta Wrap basement waterproofing system carries a 20 year No Leak Warranty for worry-free living. The fact is that 80% of New Home Warranty complaints involve leaky basement. And don't forget that HUNT HOMES are also covered under the Tarion Warranty for that extra peace of mind.

But that's not all! Our affiliation with Energy Star means you can now own a home that meets or exceeds energy stardards - Like better insulation, more efficient heating/cooling and more energy efficient items that can save plenty of money over the years to come.

Of course, in a custom built home, the main feature is the finished product which is a reflection of your lifestyle and needs. To live in a home which you helped design is an experience that everyone should encounter at least once in a lifetime.

Don't wait any longer to find out whether you can build that first custom home
or go all the way and build that dream home you've always wanted.


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